Tobias Santelmann

Hårfarve: Mørk Blond

Øjenfarve: Grøn

Højde: 188


Statens Teaterhøgskole 2003-2006

Særlige evner: Musik, Dans

Sprog - Modersmål:

Norsk, Engelsk, Tysk

Tobias Santelmann is a Norwegian/Scandinavian actor, born in 1980 in Germany.


He was educated from ‘The Norwegian National Theater School’, 2002- 2006.


Since then his carrier has been moving fast forward with leading roles and significant supporting roles in succesfull feature films and TV series.


Tobias was for the first time introduced to the international audience by his supporting role in the international successful feature film 'Kon-Tiki'; which was Oscar- and Golden Globe nominated film 2013 in the category ‘Best Foreign Film’. (the story about Thor Heyerdal’s amazing achivements, based on the true story).


At the moment Tobias is shooting the ‘Rhesus’ role in Budapest. MGM’s and Paramount Pictures’ feature film ‘Hercules: The Thracian Wars’ starring Dwayne Johnson, John Hurt and Ian McShane. This is Santelmann’s first English language movie role, and he is playing the golden-locked barbarian and revolutionary, who is Hercule’s main foe.


Earlier this year feature film 'Chasing The Wind' premiered in which Tobias has a significant supporting role, and he’s been hosting amazing critism,; latest 2 nominations: ‘Best male actor in a supporting Role’ and ‘Best Newcomer’ at the Norwegian Film Awards ‘Amanda’.


In the TVseries ‘Eyewitness’ produced by NRK; Norway’s national TV networks, Tobias has supprting role as a police officer. It will premiere in the fall 2013.

TV series ‘Leave me Alone’ was nomintaed ‘Best Kids series’ at the Internatinal EMMY Awards in 2013, and here Tobias is the supproting role as the father to the lead, young girl.


In the fall 2012 Tobias starred in the Norwegian period action feature film 'Escape'. And next up for the audience is his supporitng role in feature film ‘Jeg er din’, which is chosen for the an internation film festival, soon to be announced.


In feature film 'The Prize Idiot', directed by acclaimed Hans Peter Moland, starring actors such as Stellan Skarsgaard, Bruno Ganz and Kristofer Hivju, the audience can look forward to be seeing Tobias in a supporting role opposite Skarsgaard. It was shot this summer, and will premiere in the fall 2014.

Tobias Santelmann

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Nominated Amanda Awards Best supporting Actor for 'Chasing the Wind' 2013
Nominated Amanda Awards Best Newcomer for 'Chasing the Wind' 2013


Kraftidioten Finn Hans Petter Moland Paradox 2014
Jeg er din Dirk Iram Haq Mer Film AS 2013
Jag etter vind Håvard Rune Denstad Langlo Motlys 2013
Kon-Tiki Knut Haugland Joachim Rønning & Espen Sandberg Nordisk Film 2012
Flukt Arvid Roar Uthaug Fantefilm 2012
Varg Veum - Skriften på veggen Stian Brandt Stefan Faldbakken Cinemico 2010

Film i USA

Point Break Chrowder Ericson Core Alcon Entertainment 2015
Hercules: The Thracian Wars Rhesus Brett Ratner MGM and Paramount Pictures 2014


Brødre Erik Tommy Næss DUOfilm 2013
Fest Mannen Maria Bock Fiksonsforsyninga AS 2010


The Sorrows of Young Werther Albert Jonas Corell Petersen The Norwegian Theatre 2010-2012
The Good Person of Szechwan Yang Sun Philip Tiedemann The Norwegian Theatre 2012
Innsirkling Jon Lasse Kolsrud The Norwegian Theatre 2011
Lys Sonen Eirik Stubø The Norwegian Theatre 2009
Et annet dukkehjem Norvald Helmer Tyra Tønnesen Hålogaland Teater 2008
Et dukkehjem Torvald Helmer Tyra Tønnesen Hålogaland Teater 2008
Slottet K Tyra Tønnesen The Norwegian Theatre 2008


Grenseland lead Monster Scripted 2016
Homeland Colonel Haugen Lesli Linka Glatter FOX 2015
Frikjent Birolle Geir Henning Miso Film 2015
Kampen om det tunge vand Hovedrolle Per Olav Sørensen Filmkameratene 2014
Øjnvidne Lars Strømme Jarl Emsell Larsen NRK-Drama 2014
Stikk Georg Eva Dahr Nordisk Film-Tv 2011
Hvaler Ole Marius Aronsen Rubicon 2010
Marcella Yann Hall 8 episoder Netflix 2016


The Last Kingdom 1+2 Hovedrolle Nick Myrphy BBC/Carnival Films 2015