About Panorama Agency:


Oscar Wilde once said: "Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken".

'I love this quote because it is spot on” Lene Seested says and adds” Be yourself and the best version of yourself. You are unique. Focus on that, because that is what makes you unique”

Since the foundation of Panorama Agency in 1996, it has grown into one of the leading agencies in Scandinavia and Europe.

Lene Seested tells:

I moved to Copenhagen when I was 21 years old in 1993. I followed my dream and passion for making a difference for actors and actresses in the film and TV business. Already the following year I was hired on The Danish Film School and DR1. In 1995 - after only 1 year in the business I was caster on my first feature “Den attende”, which became an award-winning feature on several film festivals and made way for independent feature film in Scandinavia. It was an incredible exiting and innovative time, where we all gave our best, worked for no money and had a passion for making the film a reality on a very small budget, which the industry had not seen before. It was a success because of the many hours of work and with help from many people in different areas of the industry.

My work with the actors, became a special area, which occurred as an organizational development and my pioneering work made way for my work as the first agent/manager in Denmark with representation of actors and later 'Above the Line' clients. With encouragement from my US mentors form the TV/film industry in LA, which I met in the late 90´s, I founded Panorama Agency.

In cooperation with Danish lawyers and my business coach, who supported my idea, I developed company policy, work models, aims, strategies and supplementary contracts, which all was inspired by my mentors and the international way of running an agency and with this important angle everything was adapted to a Scandinavian version.

We represent the most talented and exciting actor profiles, cinematographers and directors, many of whom are award winners and with succes both national and international. Our daily work is in Scandinavia and Internationally, and today more than 70% of our client's projects is placed on the international market. Our clients, partners, and networks are all A-level.

I lost my mother when I was 14 years old after a longer period of sickness. I grew up with my father and two brothers. I experienced the greatest loss at a very young age and learned that life is short, every minute counts: I want to live a live full of value, I want to make a difference in my time here, for other people, like my mother and father did for me and my family.  My mother always saw opportunities for healing, when the doctors said there was no hope. She always found an optimistic path, when everything looked dark. With my mother and father as role models and my newfound life experience it came natural to me to seek out values, challenges and special areas, where I could do a difference for others – and in my case my passion is to help artists reach their full potential and own unique goal.

With this mind set I can say that we, here at Panorama Agency excels at being agents and managers for our clients. Our counsel is always ambitious, honest and with the induvial client’s goal and wishes in mind.

We furthermore support and challenge our client’s potential and talent. We manage career strategy, image/brand, PR, wages and contract negotiations – often in cooperation with world leading entertainment lawyers. 

Our philosophy, work models and daily management is in a constant development, and with founding roots in the US. We are the first in Scandinavian and the Nordic countries, who is inspired by our international colleagues. Our daily workplace is Scandinavia, The Nordic countries and internationally at an A-level performance and today our international experience serves our clients the best way. Because with the latest positive development for the Scandinavian industry in the international market 70% of our assignments is now placed outside Denmark 

Already at the beginning of my pioneer work for actors and my work to professionalize the TV- and film industry I could see that the financial part could be improved.  Panorama Agency is therefore the initiator of a change in the Danish tax legislation, now it includes the tax rule; a tax allowance. After more than two years of negotiations, in cooperation with tax specialist Thorbjørn Helmo Madsen from Timetax this tax rule is now approved. This applicable is beneficial to all Danish artists; including actors, professional football players, musicians, painters. Our latest initiative is several optimizations of the Norwegian actress Agreement (NFI). 

The founding of Panorama Agency was the beginning of a more professional industry in Denmark. On a daily basis I experienced how actors sought out professional partners, since most of my time was spent on agent- and management tasks. Therefor there were an organic expansion of the already close cooperation with actors, which ultimately created the foundation, which via our network and know how led immediately to the optimizing of opportunities and development for actors, both locally and internationally.

We were also the first agency in Scandinavia, who promoted clients internationally aiming towards landing international opportunities, which today of course is a given. In the 90´s  we opened up for- and established close collaboration with the largest agent bureaus, managers and the most successful casting directors worldwide with the main focus on Los Angeles, New York, London, Berling, Oslo, Stockholm and Paris. This is our trademark – for our international colleagues we are the industry’s “Go-to agency” in Scandinavia.

Already in the late 90´s ’self tapes’ became an important and often used tool in our daily ”long distance” work  relation with the international casting directors. In the beginning we sent self tapes on VHS via fedex, but with modern technology, we now send them via links – only a click away from job opportunities. It has furthermore been interesting to introduce and use self tapes as a tool in work relations in Europe and Denmark.

Panorama Agency consists of 4,5 employees, each with our own specialty and we work out of Panorama House in Ryesgade on Osterbro in Copenhagen, and out of the cities we often visit.

Our passion is to create opportunities, development and enjoy the results, whether it is on the big silver screen, the small TV screen or more and more via streaming - with our clients at the center, whether it is a supporting role, a lead, cinematographer, storytelling, direction or a combination, were several of the above mentioned is combined.

Our ’New Generation’ initiative was founded in 2011 (more information about this on the website). Here the main focus is on the young new talents under the age of 25, were they are offered special creative opportunities for education and coaching in a professional program, with focus on personal improvement and career development,

Panorama Productions ApS was founded in 2010. Our most recently initiative, where feature film and TV production is developed on the international market and that same year we founded our US company; Panorama Management NY.

We are very excited and grateful of being a part of an era, where the international industry is focusing so much on the Scandinavian market, since we through several years have been marking our territory via promotion work. The top quality of actors, productions and creative talents really is showing. The opportunities are still growing with the development of more co-productions cross countries, tax benefits for productions is realized and when it comes to our part of the world, our unique nature and rich history stands out and ads a special atmosphere to the pictures and scripts. An important reason is also the accept of the Scandinavian accent when it comes to both supporting and lead roles, which provides many job opportunities on equal terms as our US and UK colleagues.

With the rapid development of TV-series, among others, on new and existing streaming services the future certainly looks innovative and fertile for all of us. 

Recent assignments for Panorama Agency's clients: 

Susanne Bier's feature film 'Another Chance' (premier in August 2014), the Oscar and Golden Globe winner 'In a better World', and the European Film Award winner 'The Bald Hairdresser', BBC1's 'The Legacy', 'The Killing 1-3', 'Borgen', 'The Bridge 1 + 2 + 3', HBO's award-winning giant success TV series 'Game of Thrones', NRK's TV series 'Mammon 1 + 2', 'Side by Side 1 + 2', 'Eyewitness', and MGM / Paramount Pictures feature film 'Hercules -The Thracian Wars', Netflix TV series' Lilyhammer 1-3', the TV series' Heartless', NRK TV series "The Heavy Water War'(Co-production between Norway and the UK), Oscar and Golden Globe nominated film 'Kon-Tiki' (Norway), the TV series 'Rita' 1 +2, Universal Picture's feature film 'The Thing', 'Hvidstens Gruppen', 'Bamse & Chicken' (DR1), 'The caretaker's Tale', the award-winning BBC TV series' Moving On ', Showtime's TV series' The Borgias' (director Neil Jordan), the European and Scandinavian co-production TV series' The Spiral', Will Smith's ffeatureilm 'After Earth', Neil Jordan's feature film 'Byzantium, 'Constantin film's feature film' 3096 ',' Fast & Furious 6 ', the Slovenian / Danish feature film' DUAL ', Ira Sach's award-winning + 4 x Spirit Award nominated feature film' Keep the lights On ', Sean Penn's feature film 'Into the Wild', 'Ron Howard's 'Angels & Demons', German feature film 'Meeres Stille' and the feature film 'The Price Idiots', Paramount Pic.'s 'The Prince & Me'.